Hello. I agree activity in the day is pretty unusual for a ball python.. and as you said it probably is just settling in… However,  why is it necessary to decrease the amount of space it is offered? In my experience the more room the snake has to explore the better?.. As long as there are lots of hides (at least 3) and the snake can get from one side of the tank to the other without being seen to make sure it feels secure… what is wrong with a bit of extra space to stretch out and roam around at night if the snake decides it wants to?? 

Young BPs usually do better in smaller confines as it decreases the amount of open and overwhelming space, these animals spend most of their lives underground and generally only only leave their burrows to hunt, and then find a new burrow, and mate. Larger habitats with many hides can work out but they sometimes do not promote a good environment to settle in and stress behaviours may continue to persist, the hatchling will continually change its spot because it feels exposed and not claim an actual “burrow”.

And at two months old, I also really wouldn’t expect a hatchling to be large enough (likely well under 200grams still) where it couldn’t comfortably stretch out in a 15qt tub.

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I just got a 2 month old ball python and she's REALLY active, even during the day. Is that normal? Right now she's in a 28qt tub (I think).

She’s probably just settling in but 28qts does sound really big for a two month old hatchling, you should probably downgrade to 15qt which is what I prefer for pretty much anything under 500grams.

Make sure she has at least one good hide too, she should settle into the new environment in a week or two.

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I hate to bother you, but can you help me find some Do-It-Yourself rack systems?

And it was that easy.

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Excuse me, but I was curious as to whether or not I should buy a ball python or a Uromastyx? I've owned a bearded dragon, as well as now having a Chinese water dragon juvie. They are both rescues, but the beardie has since passed, we were too late. I know you're more experienced with BP's so I really wanted to hear your opinion, since I do admire you and your blog quite a bit. My apologies if this seems weird and I'm very sorry for any spelling mistakes!

Well as a BP blog, I’m incredibly biased over here and just going to tell you to get a BP but as the unbiased reptile keeper, I’d say it really just depends if you want something with or without limbs.

I know nothing about Uromastyx so I can’t make any comments on their care in comparison to a BP.


Pictures of Waffle since coming home! So far I think I’m going to keep him/her rather than just foster. The deciding factors were going to be if the aggression kept up (it didn’t) and if he/she eats for me this week and doesn’t turn out to be a problem feeder. It has turned down food for 3 weeks in a row at work but I’m sure stress and other factors have a lot to do with that.

I tried to get good shots of the bad/malformed/missing eye in the first two pictures. Any opinions of whether it looks to be defect or old injury? My vet said he couldn’t tell.

I weighed everyone today too and Waffle clocked in at a wee 164 grams. Been a while since we had a bitty baby ball in the house. I can’t even picture Marceline that small anymore.

Since the scalation around the eye looks constricted but doesn’t seem to have any noticeable damage, I’d say it’s probably a birth defect. I’ve actually seen this sort of shrunken eye deformity in Boa Constrictors though I’m not sure if there’s any sort of official term for it but it doesn’t seem to effect the snake it any sort of significant way other than it can’t see out of the eye and sometimes has shedding problems around the area. 

(Also that looks like a kickass Houndoom tattoo.)