Vegan’s thoughts on captive snakes?




I’ve been struggling with this for awhile. What do you all think should be done with captive snakes? Obviously we’d want to have them not kept as pets. What about people who become vegans who have them? Or what happens to the ones that will be left over if the breeding, capture, and sale of them were to be banned?

Is it fair to sentence thousands of rodents to an imminent, inescapable death? Would it be more fair to euthanize the snakes as humanely as possible? Would we give the rodents the best, most enriching life possible and then kill them as humanely as possible and only euthanize snakes that refuse pre-killed or frozen thawed?

What are your thoughts? 

Honestly, I have absolutely no idea. In the context of animals still being killed for food though, there are ways to get non-vegan food for free (like cat or dog food). Otherwise you would be demanding that more are killed. I don’t know about snakes though, and if there are any options like that, or even if snakes could be sustained on plant based options. The latter would of course need research though so isn’t really plausable.
I can’t imagine being faced with a few live mice and one live snake, and choosing to kill all the mice to feed the one snake, knowing that many more mice will also die to keep that one snake alive. It would seem, to me, (speaking purely logically here) that it would make more sense to have the one snake put down so that the mice could live, since the mice don’t need others killed for them? I would imagine that if you value the individual lives equally, then the numbers would be the important part. The whole thing makes me feel really uncomfortable though.

Thinking about it, perhaps the best way would be to have a natural reserve for domestic reptiles and small mammals in places that match their natural climate. That would be as natural and fair as possible I guess, second to releasing them fully into the wild, which I don’t know about the possibility of. I guess the issue wouldn’t be around for too long if they were prevented from breeding anyway.

The fact that this is a topic of discussion sickens me. 

You are talking about condemning an animal for doing what it is biologically designed to do. Snakes have to consume other animals to live. There is no snake that will or even can consume plant material. They would die. All snakes eat other animals. That is a fact of life you must come to terms with. Just as how lions, wolves, sharks, and all other carnivores have to eat other animals to survive. 

You cannot change and rewrite millions of years of biological evolution because you don’t like it. And even thinking that its possible is just pretentious at best. 

As for the second person you are just as wrong in your understanding of snakes as the original poster.

Releasing captive animals into the wild would not only wreak havoc on local ecosystems but would also more than likely mean a death sentence for the released animals ((EVERGLADES))

If you are against snakes because they eat other animals then the obvious answer for you is to never own a snake.

Disregarding every other line of “logic’ in the first two post, can I just highlight the fact that these people are literally suggesting that we euthanize snakes on the basis that they do not eat the food that nature designed them to eat. We euthanize an animal because it’s millions upon millions of years of evolution that designed it to be arguably one of the most efficient predators on the planet just because it doesn’t fit into your skewed ideas of what a captive animal should do. 

You dress your post up with this idea that you’re protecting feeder rodents from harm but you are more than willing to throw an entire order of animals under the bus in exchange. Are you fucking kidding me here.

Whatever you think you are to animals, a guardian, a friend, you are not if you do not want to treat every creature with the basic dignity it deserves.

((FYI, dogs and cats are fucking carnivores and need the nutrients derived from meat to live a healthy life. Cats specifically are obligate carnivores, meaning they need meat to survive because they lack the ability to manufacture some essential nutrients themselves, and feeding a diet of vegan-based foods can fucking KILL THEM and if it doesn’t, can lead to all sorts of later life health risks. But yeah, continue to not understand the basic biology of that animal, see how that works out.))

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